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In this document, you’ll see an overview of StoreGo branding and store settings. Changing these settings allows you to edit the looks of your store as well as rebrand the app and adjust its key settings to your business needs.

Getting Started

To access the settings panel, sign in with a Shop Owner account. Then, click the Settings button near the bottom of the navigation menu.

Editing Theme Settings

In this section, you can browse available themes. To change the theme color palette, simply click the color below the theme of your choice. To edit the theme itself, select it and hit the “Edit” button.

Editing Brand Settings

In this panel, you can rebrand your StoreGo account. Please note that in this panel, you can rebrand the app and not the store itself.

In the next section, Theme Customizer, you can edit the following visual settings:

Editing Store Settings

To access Store Settings, scroll down or select Store Settings on the left-hand side Settings navigation panel. In this panel, you can customize the following:

Edit Key Store Elements:

Edit Store/Company Details:

Edit Key Store Settings: