How to setup Email SMTP Settings?

User Type: Company Profile / Owner

In this document, you’ll learn how to configure SMTP settings in your favorite WorkDo app.

Editing SMTP Settings

To access the settings panel, log into your Company/Owner account. Then, head over to Settings and scroll down to Email Notification Settings.

Next, enter the following into each field:

  • Mail Driver: Enter smtp
  • Mail host: Enter the url as provided by your SMTP provider (Example:
  • Mail port: Enter as provided by your SMTP provider (Example: 465 or 25 or 8025 or 587)
  • Mail Username: Enter as provided by your SMTP provider (Example: [email protected])
  • Mail Password: Enter as provided by your SMTP provider
  • Mail Encryption: If your port number is 465 enter SSL. If your port number is 25 or 587 or 8025, enter TLS
  • Mail from address: Enter the email address you want to send the mails from (Example: [email protected])
  • Mail from name: Enter the name you want to use for your mail (Example: test)
  • Send test mail: Click the button to send a test email and verify if the details provided are correct.

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